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2015-fitWhen the all-new Honda Fit was being designed, engineers wanted to keep everything that made the Fit so practical, but to improve in areas that consumers wanted. Sure, the Honda Fit was celebrated for its compact practicality and surprising roominess, but Honda wanted to do more. One of the areas that has seen great improvement is crash safety, and the results have been confirmed by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

After recent testing of the Fit with new, strengthened bumpers and body reinforcements, the car returned the highest crash performance ratings of any other vehicle in its class, including the difficult “small-overlap test” which measures the impact of a collision on the driver’s side of the front end, similar to striking a utility pole or a tree.

This is like icing on the cake when it comes to the excellent new Honda Fit. After all, the Fit proves that a small car can be a little bit of everything, mixing economy, versatility and fun into one tidy package. The spunky little 1.5-liter four cylinder whips out 150 hp, and returns up to 37 mpg on the highway, 29 mpg around town. Rear seat legroom is ample, and when the rear seats are folded flat, the interior becomes positively cavernous.

So what are you waiting for? Come the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces today and check out the all-new Honda Fit. Combine Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle savings with the best-in-class safety ratings and a pile of amenities, and you’ll find yourself ready to get “Fit”!



end-of-summerCar manufacturers are switching over from the 2014 model year to 2015, and traditionally, car buyers can find some great year-end closeout deals on their dealers’ lots. Analysts from Consumers Reports recently reviewed hundreds of the latest incentives to identify the ten best deals out there right now, and the good news is, you’ll find five of them at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

If shoppers are looking for a full-sized SUV with a full-sized discount, the 2014 Ford Expedition EL delivers in spades, with huge savings on remaining models. Likewise, the 2014 Ford Fusion and Ford Mustang are also seeing huge rebates and factory offers right now. The 2014 Hyundai Elantra and Santa Fe Sport also made the list – The Elantra offers a compelling combination of style, features and practicality for a bargain price, and the Santa Fe Sport comes with loads of features for the money.

Clearance time is just starting, but when one of the nation’s top consumer magazines recommends three Ford models and two Hyundais as the best deals going into the season, it’s worth a test drive. Visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and check out all the great factory discounts and rebates during the changeover to the new model year. Not only will you receive the largest discounts from the manufacturers, you’ll still get

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t-lineNot too many of us were around in August 1908, and even if you were, it would be doubtful that you were hanging around a new brick mill-style building in Detroit, Michigan. But that building was the first purpose-built manufacturing plant for the fledgling Ford Motor Company, where a small team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen developed the Ford Model T, the car that would change the world.

Far from flipping a switch and starting a machine that cranked out hundreds of Model Ts daily, the first production version of Henry Ford’s iconic automobile was hand assembled at the Piquette Plant in Detroit. It wouldn’t leave the factory until late September as the engineers were still dialing everything in, so the first few thousand Model Ts were cobbled together with different test parts. Later that year, Ford began to standardize all the parts and build them in massive numbers, making the Ford Model T an amazing success that put the world on wheels.

106 years have passed since then, and Ford automobiles are a far cry from the original Model T. New technology, advanced engineering and value are built into every new Ford vehicle. To experience the benefits of over a century of research and development, simply by visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Henry Ford perfected mass production, and the Borman Autoplex created exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing on every new Ford car, truck and SUV on the lot. Come take part in a tradition of blue-oval quality and value at the Borman Autoplex!


crvThose with families understand the demands placed on the family hauler. It needs to meet so many needs: room for the kids to be separated, entertainment options, lots of storage room, easy to get in and out of, outstanding reliability, and remarkable fuel economy. Is this too much to ask? Not at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

The editors of Yahoo! Autos recently put together a list of the best family cars for heading back to school. From delivering the kids to the school drop-off zone to hauling science fair projects, five of the ten vehicles recommended – including the winner! – are available at the Autoplex.

Coming in at number nine, the Honda Odyssey was an easy choice with its comfort and roominess. The Ford Flex took the eighth position with room for seven people, electronic features and 80 cubic feet of cargo room. The fifth choice was the Hyundai Tucson, a sporty crossover with plenty of cup holders, Bluetooth controls and more. The Honda Accord receiving the fourth spot because – well, it’s the Honda Accord. At the top of the list was the Honda CR-V, the go-to family crossover in the United States.

Ready to find a new hauler for back-to-school duties and more? Visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and compare these top-ranked family vehicles back-to-back. Plus, you’ll find exclusive Autoplex “One Price” no-hassle savings marked in the window of every vehicle on the lot, so you know you’re getting the best deal anywhere.

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2015-sonataThey Hyundai Sonata is no stranger to shoppers that are keen on getting the most for their money. After all, sales of Hyundai’s mid-size family sedan have been rising steadily since 1998, and has earned a reputation for supplying a generous amount of quality and features for a mere pittance. Unfortunately for the competition, Hyundai is raising the stakes by dropping a completely redesigned, all-new 2015 Sonata on dealer lots across the country, including at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces.

Available with three very different four-cylinder engines and a hybrid model, the Sonata has something under the hood for every possible driver. From the ultra-efficient 1.6-liter turbo model backed with a dual-clutch transmission to a snorty 2.0T Sport engine kicking out 274 turbo-charged horsepower, the engines are all covered by Hyundai’s incredible ten-year, 100,000-mile powertrain protection warranty. Higher-strength steel used in the car’s construction makes for better handling and a 41 percent improvement in overall rigidity. Of course, the interior still boasts some of the best materials and finishes for the dollar, with an intuitive control layout and a plethora of standard features.

The new 2015 Hyundai Sonatas are arriving soon at the Autoplex, and you’re going to fall in love with the swoopy new styling and the same old value that the marque is famous for delivering. All you need to do is come to the Autoplex and arrange a test drive – not only will you fall in love with the all-new 2015 Sonata, you’ll save big with Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing!



schoolCan you believe it? It’s the already the middle of August, and public schools are back in session this week! The long, lazy days of summer are coming to an end, and it’s time to get back to the scholastic routine. However, when it comes to school resuming, it might be a good time to think about what this means for you and your car, too!

First off, school zones are back in business. That means slowing down to 15mph when the lights are flashing, and don’t pass other cars. Also, those big yellow school buses will be lumbering down the roads too, and they stop. A lot. Yes, it’s a drag when you’re in a hurry, but slowing down can save lives. This also means you need to allow yourself more time to get to work in the mornings, so watch out for traffic! Make sure your brakes are in good shape for all the anticipated stop-and-go traffic coming up. The service department at the Borman Autoplex can help with a free brake inspection if you need!

Are you the designated kid hauler? If it’s time to upgrade the ol’ family truckster, there’s no better place to start your quest that the Borman Autoplex! Not only will you find an amazing selection of certified-safe family haulers like the Honda Odyssey and Ford Flex, you’ll also get the best price with exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing! Back to school doesn’t have to be a drag, especially if you get behind the wheel of a new family car! Be cool, kids – get to school!

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2015-explorerFour years ago the 2015 Ford Explorer broke out with a bold and unique design. While this fifth generation is currently halfway through its cycle, Ford is not just sitting idle.

For 2015, Ford has made many new enhancements. Included in this new optional package is the new “Explorer” hood badge with a redesigned grill to accent it, black bodyside cladding and roof rack rails, 20″ aluminium wheels, and mirror caps.

Back again this year is the 3.5 liter Eco-Boost V-6 providing 360 horsepower and 365 ft-lb of torque. Combine this with the Class III Trailer Tow Package that comes standard on the “Sport” trim and you have 5,000 lbs of towing capacity. You also have an option for a 2.0 liter inline four with a turbo to sprint you wherever you need to go.

To experience the new 2015 Ford Explorer, all you have to do is visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces and take it on a test drive. The dealership is located just a couple of miles from the closest interstate on ramp, so check out the latest Ford has to offer! Plus, at the Autoplex you get exclusive “One Price” no-hassle savings, with all the discounts clearly marked on every car. Hit the interstate in style with the Borman Autoplex!


2014-fusion-safeThe 2014 Ford Fusion offers not two or three, but six engine choices for buyers seeking the perfect car. This year Ford added a turbocharged, 178 hp, 1.5-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost engine that is paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Also new this year is Ford’s inflatable rear seatbelts. During a crash an airbag in the seatbelt inflates to disperse the energy over a greater portion of the chest reducing pressure on it and providing more control neck and head motion. “This is another unique family technology that builds on our safety leadership, including the most top safety ratings of any automaker.” said Sue Cischke, Ford Group Vice President of Sustainability, Environmental and Safety Engineering.

So if you are looking for a car large enough to be comfortable in and yet compact enough to navigate today’s miniscule parking spaces and city streets? Look no further than the multi-purpose, luxerious, and safe 2014 Ford Fusion. Available today at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Best of all, you’ll pay the lowest possible price with Autoplex-exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing, giving you all the discounts and rebates right up front! You’ve waited long enough – it’s time to take your turn at a new Ford Fusion!

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2015-superWhen it comes to full-size pickups, the competition if fierce, and the engineers at Ford work hard to stay ahead of the other guys. When a car company builds trucks for heavy-duty customers, it’s important to provide the most strength and power on the market. That’s why the 2015 Ford Super Duty raises the stakes yet again. The optional 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel motor churns out 440 horsepower and an earth-twisting 860 pound feet of torque, making it the most powerful heavy-duty truck on the market. With a properly equipped Powerstroke version, the F-series Super Duty boasts a maximum tow capacity of 31,200 pounds, a whopping 8,000 pounds more than the top truck from General Motors. In repeated testing up a seven percent grade with maximum loads, the Ford was able to maintain speed while diesel trucks from the completion struggled, like the Dodge that could only hold speed in the mid-40s with the accelerator on the floor. The Ford Super Duty has been hauling loads on the American road since 1999. Since that time, it has become a favorite of construction workers, ranchers, and people that need to haul loads for a living. If you want to experience the most powerful pickup available, visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Not only will you find the perfect Super Duty truck for you, you’ll also save thousands with Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing.


honda-oddyThe Honda Odyssey has received a lot of attention for establishing a high benchmark for the venerable minivan, and after a model refresh for 2014, one thing is certain – these guys know what they’re doing. Buyers can choose from seven different trim levels from the affordable LX model all the way up to the Touring Elite, that is stuffed with creature comforts, handy gadgets, and spiffy trim. All Odysseys now feature headlights with darkened trim, LED-lit taillights and a redesigned front end, hood and grille. The overall affect is low and wide, with a snazzy “lightning bolt” side window-line. But what makes an Odyssey so great is what’s inside. Easier-to-read gauges are prominently located in front of the operator, with a second, lower central display added. The interior is well designed with many thoughtful and pleasing touches throughout the cabin. The minivan is one of the very best to drive, with a strong, willing engine and a smooth, responsive suspension at the ready. With a 28 mpg-highway fuel rating, the Odyssey is also a crowd-pleaser at the pump. To find out what the best minivan feels like, all you need to do is visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Not only will you find a great selection of new Honda Odysseys, you’ll see exactly how much you can save with Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing. When you get the best deal on the best minivan, you have not only redefined the minivan – you’ve redefined satisfaction!

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VIN Stock# MSRP 1 Price Model
3FADP4EJXEM227485 FC91952 $ 18,000 $ 16,299 2014 FIESTA
3FADP4BJ3EM169059 FC91866 $ 18,485 $ 16,599 2014 FIESTA
1ZVBP8AM2E5291614 FC91900 $ 25,825 $ 22,295 2014 MUSTANG
3FA6P0HD9ER298669 FC91909 $ 29,125 $ 25,295 2014 FUSION-FMCC
1FMCU0GX7EUD24904 FT23533 $ 30,470 $ 27,099 2014 ESCAPE
1FMCU9J95EUB80090 FT23362 $ 37,995 $ 34,095 2014 ESCAPE-JEFF
2FMDK3JC6EBA17943 FT23406 $ 32,390 $ 27,799 2014 EDGE-FMCC
1FM5K7D86EGC35781 FT23558 $ 38,780 $ 36,199 2014 EXPLORER
1FM5K8F85EGB78749 FT23504 $ 49,070 $ 45,999 2014 EXPLORER
1FTMF1CM8EKD45177 FT23426 $ 25,640 $ 19,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM1EFB39837 FT23547 $ 25,640 $ 19,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM4EKD52417 FT23445 $ 26,390 $ 22,699 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM5EKD59876 FT23457 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM7EKD59877 FT23458 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM0EKE00625 FT23494 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF3EKE07950 FT23501 $ 33,895 $ 25,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF4EKE22148 FT23518 $ 33,895 $ 25,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF4EKE32291 FT23531 $ 34,345 $ 28,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF2EKE07953 FT23512 $ 37,670 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF0EKD91607 FT23498 $ 37,830 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF2EKD06224 FT23337 $ 39,275 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF4EKD06225 FT23341 $ 39,275 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF1EKE07948 FT23519 $ 39,990 $ 33,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF8EKD06227 FT23356 $ 40,540 $ 33,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF8EKD10875 FT23371 $ 40,540 $ 33,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CT7EKD31772 FT23383 $ 41,585 $ 34,195 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EKD31775 FT23394 $ 43,745 $ 36,295 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1EF3EKD91605 FT23479 $ 43,965 $ 37,099 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET3EKD45181 FT23430 $ 44,470 $ 36,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET5EKE39157 FT23561 $ 45,300 $ 38,299 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EKD59883 FT23461 $ 45,310 $ 38,295 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET1EKD74677 FT23456 $ 46,005 $ 38,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1ET0EFB46993 FT23500 $ 46,140 $ 40,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKE00627 FT23505 $ 51,865 $ 46,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKD10877 FT23361 $ 52,260 $ 45,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET3EKD14948 FT23372 $ 52,630 $ 46,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET4EKD59879 FT23468 $ 53,480 $ 47,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET7EKE39158 FT23559 $ 54,830 $ 49,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET5EFB30295 FT23537 $ 55,040 $ 49,699 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET0EFA93379 FT23544 $ 55,040 $ 49,699 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET2EFA84490 FT23443 $ 55,635 $ 49,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FT7W2BT5EEA72936 FT23267 $ 65,430 $ 54,430 2014 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT5FEA03052 FT23513 $ 64,350 $ 58,399 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT3FEA11442 FT23515 $ 64,695 $ 58,699 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT9FEA40038 FT23545 $ 64,820 $ 58,799 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT0FEA22642 FT23520 $ 65,070 $ 59,095 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BTXFEA33874 FT23538 $ 65,070 $ 59,095 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT8W3BT2FEA11443 FT23516 $ 65,200 $ 59,299 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT8W3BT9FEA33875 FT23553 $ 67,475 $ 61,695 2015 F350-FMCC
2LMHJ5AT0EBL53043 LM81160 $ 56,660 $ 52,595 2014 MKT
JM1BM1U78E1143130 MC32613 $ 19,540 $ 17,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U72E1150221 MC32620 $ 20,290 $ 19,199 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1173846 MC32650 $ 20,290 $ 19,399 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1U7XEM100652 MC32662 $ 20,290 $ 19,399 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1111745 MC32600 $ 20,390 $ 19,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V74E1158819 MC32644 $ 20,390 $ 19,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V79EM100480 MC32660 $ 20,390 $ 19,499 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1125473 MC32604 $ 20,490 $ 19,399 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1113422 MC32605 $ 20,490 $ 19,399 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U7XE1191566 MC32669 $ 20,490 $ 19,499 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1126028 MC32608 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1169526 MC32653 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1179425 MC32670 $ 20,590 $ 19,695 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V70E1179442 MC32684 $ 20,765 $ 19,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V75E1149370 MC32628 $ 21,440 $ 20,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V76E1150947 MC32635 $ 21,440 $ 20,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V73EM105285 MC32702 $ 21,440 $ 20,499 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V79E1158010 MC32631 $ 21,640 $ 20,499 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM100881 MC32661 $ 21,740 $ 20,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM104493 MC32663 $ 21,740 $ 20,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM107202 MC32668 $ 21,740 $ 20,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1180578 MC32672 $ 21,915 $ 20,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V77EM107508 MC32665 $ 22,240 $ 21,199 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V78EM110093 MC32700 $ 23,040 $ 21,999 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V70E1200029 MC32696 $ 23,895 $ 22,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1W71E1200359 MC32703 $ 23,945 $ 22,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1GJ1U67F1172352 MC32686 $ 22,285 $ 19,995 2015 “6″
JM1GJ1W60F1175560 MC32675 $ 31,115 $ 29,699 2015 “6″
19XFB4F38EE000131 HO61635 $ 26,625 $ 24,999 2014 CIVIC HYBRID
1HGCT1B71EA006199 HO61443 $ 26,940 $ 24,299 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCT2A80EA007909 HO61736 $ 31,415 $ 28,599 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCT2B85EA007645 HO61718 $ 33,190 $ 30,299 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCR3F84EA028744 HO61649 $ 31,135 $ 28,299 2014 ACCORD SEDAN
1HGCR3F94EA034407 HO61739 $ 34,270 $ 31,299 2014 ACCORD SEDAN
1HGCR6F51EA007549 HO61740 $ 32,695 $ 29,799 2014 ACCORD HYBRID
5J6TF1H30EL001942 HO61702 $ 31,870 $ 24,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF3H57EL000977 HO61669 $ 33,995 $ 29,595 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF1H56EL001591 HO61632 $ 34,520 $ 29,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF2H55EL001457 HO61438 $ 35,970 $ 30,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF2H58EL002280 HO61567 $ 35,970 $ 31,499 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6RM3H71EL028131 HO61586 $ 29,225 $ 27,895 2014 CRV
2HKRM4H71EH641124 HO61453 $ 29,775 $ 28,399 2014 CRV
2HKRM4H71EH660109 HO61626 $ 29,775 $ 28,399 2014 CRV
5J6RM4H79EL072349 HO61693 $ 30,475 $ 28,999 2014 CRV
5FPYK1F75EB008960 HO61719 $ 31,550 $ 30,199 2014 RIDGELINE
5FPYK1F62EB008809 HO61700 $ 38,335 $ 36,699 2014 RIDGELINE
KMHDH6AH8EU029243 HY76792 $ 20,655 $ 17,299 2014 ELANTRA COUPE–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU046091 HY76477 $ 22,570 $ 20,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU048908 HY76478 $ 22,570 $ 20,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE0EU135552 HY76736 $ 22,585 $ 20,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU090219 HY76578 $ 22,650 $ 20,595 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE1EU172397 HY76747 $ 22,710 $ 20,795 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AH6EU101500 HY76615 $ 23,535 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH8EU135258 HY76674 $ 23,535 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH3EU134194 HY76673 $ 23,565 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AHXEU173526 HY76756 $ 23,670 $ 21,699 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH6EU135890 HY76738 $ 24,010 $ 21,999 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AE0EU037833 HY76540 $ 25,320 $ 22,999 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AEXEH475984 HY76597 $ 25,320 $ 22,999 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE9EU106700 HY76704 $ 25,335 $ 23,295 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE4EU101291 HY76619 $ 25,405 $ 23,399 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE6EU183668 HY76786 $ 25,480 $ 24,195 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE8EU187222 HY76758 $ 25,640 $ 23,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPEC4AB9EH927948 HY76723 $ 29,685 $ 26,695 2014 SONATA-HMF
5NPEC4AC8EH918330 HY76695 $ 31,385 $ 28,495 2014 SONATA-HMF
KMHEC4A4XEA112176 HY76742 $ 31,735 $ 28,895 2014 SONATA HYBRID -HMF
KMHFH4JG1EA362616 HY76705 $ 38,155 $ 35,499 2014 AZERA
5XYZU3LA6EG181690 HY76716 $ 33,750 $ 29,599 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF
5XYZU3LA0EG186481 HY76751 $ 33,765 $ 29,599 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF
5XYZUDLA0EG152014 HY76493 $ 35,245 $ 32,999 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF