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2015-crv-mtIt’s been twenty years since the first Honda CR-V was sold in Japan, and to say that the small, compact SUV has been popular with American car buyers is like saying fish prefer watery environments. Nearly three million of the economical, sporty Hondas have found new homes since they went on sale in America in 1997, and the annual sales just keep growing. The big news for 2015? The editors of Motor Trend have names the CR-V the 2015 SUV of the Year, and from a field that included the new Porsche Macan, Cadillac Escalade, BMX X5 and Subaru Outback. That’s pretty impressive for a fuel-efficient SUV that starts at around $21,000!

Motor Trend considered six different areas of the new SUVs when considering which SUV to award the coveted Golden Caliper award to. From looking at overall design and efficiency to safety and value, the results even surprised the testers. Motor Trend recognized the CR-V’s new 2.4-liter Earth Dreams four-cylinder engine and continuously variable transmission as particularly praise-worthy, along with a tighter steering ratio. Honda spent a lot of time fine-tuning what has proven to be a successful package for 2015, and made the CR-V better than anyone expected.

This isn’t a big surprise to the people at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. After all, the Autoplex has been offering the CR-V since day one, and have helped generations of Honda buyers into the latest CR-V year to year. Customers not only love the little Honda, they love Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle savings that can only be found at the Autoplex! Want to find out what it takes to be Motor Trend’s 2015 SUV of the Year? Come take a test drive at the Autoplex, and treat yourself to a new Honda CR-V!


2015-fiesta-stRemember when your driver’s license was hot off the presses, the world was chock full of possibilities, and all you needed to have a good time was gas money? Driving was like a party, with lots of excitement and fun. Well, good news to those that still believe in the job of driving – it’s Fiesta time at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

The 2015 Ford Fiesta ST is a tidy, sleek package of fun. Featuring nearly 200 horsepower on tap and just 2,700 pounds of mass, the Ford Fiesta ST is a zippy little hatchback that’s big on performance and itty-bitty on price. When properly launched, the raging little 1.6-liter turbocharged EcoBoost four cylinder thrusts the Fiesta forward with the force of a charging rhino hurled from a trebuchet. The engine can overboost up to 21 psi and rev past the 6,000-rpm mark, much longer than your nerve is likely to sustain the eyeball-warping acceleration.

A tuned front suspension with revised geometry gives the Fiesta ST a sharper turn-in and a fairly neutral attitude in tight corners. Stability control and torque-vectoring systems keep a lid on the theatrics during full-throttle corners, and maintain traction. All this fun, and a highway EPA rating of 35 mpg. It’s impossible not to have fun in the Fiesta ST.

Want to find out more? Come to the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and learn more about the Fiesta ST, a regular party animal on the tarmac. Best of all, you can have all this fun and save big with Autoplex-exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing, with all the savings and discounts clearly marked on every car. Get your Fiesta on, at the Borman Autoplex!

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2015-focusThe new model year is bringing a whole new Ford Focus to the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and the reviews are already coming in on the slick new exterior and all-new interior. Hailed as a much-improved package, a recent review by the editors of said that the 2015 Focus is one of the top compact cars in its class.

With two body styles, three trim levels and nine subtrims available on the new Focus, buyers will find it easy to come up with the version that’s perfect for them. A new exterior leads off with a sleek new front-end treatment heavily inspired by the car’s cousin, the Ford Fusion. Suspension tweaks and a revised taillight design further improve on the Focus, but the biggest changes are found inside. A totally new interior features easy-to-use controls and high-quality materials throughout. Underhood, a 2.0-liter four cylinder comes standard, with your choice of a five-speed manual or a six-speed dual-clutch automatic gearbox. Buyers can also step up to a new 1.0-liter EcoBoost turbocharged three-cylinder engine, currently paired with a new six-speed manual transmission that is expected to return outstanding fuel mileage when it gets it’s final ratings from the EPA.

The Ford Focus has been a stylish, affordable and efficient contender in the compact-car segment for many years, and it remains a favorite choice for savvy car buyers looking for a well-built, versatile sedan or hatchback. The 2015 model looks great, has a much-improved cabin, and the availability of a new EcoBoost engine promises impressive fuel economy. Want to find out more about the new 2015 Ford Focus, or check out some amazing closeout deals on the outgoing 2014 model? Come visit the Borman Autoplex, where you’ll find exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing on every new Focus on the lot! It’s time to “Focus” on your next new car!


calandarIt can be difficult to know when it’s really the best time to shop for your next new car, but the financial experts at USAA insurance recently published a report by TrueCar, Inc., that helps buyers know when to act.

One of the first shopping tips offered is to shop early in the week, when the sales representatives are less occupied with the larger crowds on weekends. You are likely to receive much better service when a dealership is less busy. Another tip? Search for deals on outgoing models. Many times, manufacturers attach substantial rebates and incentives to buyers on the older models to make room for the new-model-year vehicles coming in. This ties into taking advantage of year-end savings, too – as the new calendar year approaches, dealers generally try to liquidate the older stock faster.

No matter when you shop at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, you’re guaranteed to get exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing, which shows you all the factory rebates, incentives and dealership discounts right up front. You don’t have to work hard to get the best price; all the year-end manufacturer rebates or financing cash are clearly marked on every car on the lot! Plus, as the TrueCar report says, you can find some of the year’s biggest factory savings on most cars, trucks and SUVs right now! This all goes to show that the best time to shop is right now, at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

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2015-crvThe compact sport-utility segment is the fastest-growing class in the automotive business, with twice as much market share as just ten years ago. It’s easy to understand why – small SUVs are roomy, fuel efficient, easy to park and as versatile as a Swiss army knife! But you won’t find the best-selling compact SUV for seven of the last ten years in Switzerland – you’ll find it at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

The Honda CR-V has been the best-selling compact SUV for most of its existence, combining all the functional wonderfulness of a small SUV with legendary Honda engineering and fuel efficiency. In such a competitive segment, Honda can’t afford to leave well enough alone, so the new 2015 version comes with more than 60 improvements. How do you make the best compact SUV better?

The new 2015 CR-V has a smoother, more expressive front-end design, coupled with a lower, sportier stance. Inside, the lucky driver and passengers will find upgraded interior materials and finishes not common at this price point. Under the hood, the 2015 model spits out 185 horsepower from a new 2.4-liter four-cylinder direct-injection engine, bolted to a continuously variable transmission that helps elevate the fuel economy numbers to as much as 34 mpg highway.

But why read about the new 2015 Honda CR-V when you can get behind the wheel and try one out for yourself? At the Borman Autoplex, not only will you find the area’s best selection of new Hondas, you’ll also find Autoplex-exclusive “One Price” no-hassle savings on every one of them. All the discounts and rebates are clearly shown on every new Honda on the lot, so you know you’re getting the best deal anywhere. See the CR-V, the SUV for you and me!


featureChoosing the perfect car can be a daunting task. There are so many factors to consider when hitting the lot at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces – price point, color, fuel economy, leather! But a recent study has found that the day is quickly approaching when the reason a buyer chooses a particular vehicle will largely be decided by the connectivity of the car.

What does this mean? Consumers are looking for cars that they can integrate into their electronic devices. Smartphones that connect via Bluetooth, music that plays from wireless devices, satellite navigation, Internet access and more are becoming primary factors in the decision-making process. The survey found the 80 percent of American car buyers consider connectivity “important” or “very important.” Naturally, the younger the buyer, the more important connectivity is. The survey asked if connectivity was so important, they would switch brands to get what they wanted, and twenty percent of them said they would.

No matter what vehicle you choose to look at when you visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, you’re apt to find connectivity options. Different manufacturer’s technology packages perform different tasks, so it’s important to research all the options to find what works best for you. No matter which way you go, you’ll get Autoplex exclusive “One Price” no-hassle savings on your vehicle, with all the rebates and discounts clearly shown. Get connected – at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

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honda-whatOne of the world’s most successful automobile companies got is start on this date in 1948, although it didn’t manufacture a passenger vehicle until 15 years later. Soichiro Honda was a mechanic that opened his own machine shop in 1937 to manufacture piston rings. The company started building small gasoline engines to attach to bicycles, motorizing a post-war Japan. Soichiro established the Honda Motor Company in 1948.

Honda built their first complete motorcycle in 1949, and became the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer by 1964. But Sochiro had bigger things in mind: in August 1963, Honda introduced the T360 mini pick-up truck, followed months later by the S500 sports car with chain-driven rear wheels. Years later, the diminutive Honda Civic made its way to the United States, a pint-sized car with front wheel drive and a fuel-efficient four cylinder that arrived during the first gasoline crisis. Perfect timing!

Honda has earned a reputation for building some of the highest-quality, long-lasting vehicles available, and the Accord and Civic have been perennial favorites of American car buyers. Decades of awards and recognitions follow Honda, and the Accord remains one of the all-time best-selling mid-size family sedans on the market. If you’ve ever owned a Honda, you already know why. Fuel efficiency, value and quality are an unbeatable combination!

At the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, you’ll find a huge selection of new Honda cars, trucks and SUVs. Honda has a history of delivering quality, and the Borman Autoplex has a tradition of delivering value with exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing, with all the discounts and savings clearly marked in the windshield of every new Honda. Ready to take part in Honda history? Come check out a new Honda at the Autoplex today!


2015-mazda-6The newly redesigned Mazda6 mid-sized sedan has only been on the market for a year, but it’s been a busy one. The sleek new four-door has assembled an entire trunk full of awards, including being named “Car of the Year” by Popular Mechanics and a “10 Best” by Car and Driver. So how can the Mazda6 improve its game for the 2015 model year?

Mazda engineers know enough not to mess with a good thing, but they have updated some of the car’s features and package options, giving the sedan greater value for 2015. Along with fuel-saving SKYACTIV technology, the 6 now features a capacitor-based regenerative engine-braking i-LOOP system and safety-focused i-ACTIVSENSE. Power windows with one-touch up and down are now standard, as are illuminated window switches.

All Mazda6 models get outstanding fuel economy, with up to 38 miles per gallon, but the new models deliver even more value than before. Want to find out more about the 2015 Mazda6? Come to the Borman Autoplex today and see why the Mazda6 is winning so many awards – plus, take advantage of exclusive “One Price” no-hassle pricing on every new Mazda6 in stock!

Feature Image Attribution: Evers, Joost / Anefo / neg. stroken, 1945-1989,, item number 921-4526
Creative Commons

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2015-navigatorThe world of full-size luxury SUVs is a competitive one, with several manufacturers working to combine traditional truck-like versatility with class-leading comfort. The Lincoln Navigator is no stranger to this upscale market, and for 2015, the engineers at Lincoln have cooked up a greatly improved Navigator that will leave the competition – ahem – lost.

With fresh styling in front and back, the Navigator hews closely to the new Lincoln family style, with a wide split-wing grilled in front and full-width LED taillights in back. Standard 20-inch allow wheels are bolted onto the hubs, with optional 22-inch versions available. Under the hood, drivers will find 380 horsepower returning an impressive 20 miles per gallon on the highway. All this power comes from the new EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 engine pushing 460 pound-feet of torque through a six-speed automatic transmission to a fully independent rear suspension, something not available from GM.

Inside, the Navigator swaddles the occupants in a new level of comfort, with a technology suite that makes travelling more enjoyable than ever. A wood-and-leather steering wheel is connected to an all-new electric steering setup, replacing the old hydraulic system. With the largest interior in its class, the Navigator has three rows of ample seating, making it the vehicle of choice for those with a large entourage to consider.

Want to find out more about the new 2015 Lincoln Navigator? Visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and see why the Navigator is setting a new direction for luxury SUVs. Best of all, you get Autoplex-exclusive “One Price” no-hassle discounts on every vehicle at the Autoplex, with all the savings and discounts clearly marked on the vehicle. Find your way to a new Navigator at the Autoplex today.


f150superTraditionally, early autumn is one of the best times to shop for a new car. With the new model-year vehicles arriving, both the car dealer and the manufacturer are eager to eliminate all the earlier cars and trucks to promote the newest ones. Using a tactic as old as the horseless carriage, manufacturers offer “rebates” and “financing cash” to make the deals as attractive as possible to the potential buyer, making for the ability to save some impressive amounts of cash.

At the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, Ford’s F-series trucks have always been one of the top-selling vehicles. From the most basic F-150 to a top-of-the-line Superduty F-350 King Ranch dually 4×4, there is a model to fit every requirement and budget. Now that the new 2015s are on the way, Ford has really stepped up to help the Autoplex offer the biggest savings on a new F-series truck in many years.

Right now, you can save over $6,000 on even the most basic F-150 truck, with factory financing and Ford trade-in discount. Save over $7,000 from MSRP on a new F-150 Super Cab, or over $8,600 on F-150 four-door Super Crew! If you’re looking for a new F-250 Lariat Crew Cab Powerstroke, you can grab a combined total savings of over $11,000 – today! Hurry to the Borman Autoplex to find out how huge the clearance deals are on Ford F-series soon, because we’ve got all the 2014 models in stock that we’re going to get – over 80 F-150s right now! You’re going to save like never before with Autoplex-exclusive “One Price” savings and Ford factory discounts!

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VIN Stock# MSRP 1 Price Model
3FADP4BJ1EM235169 FC91971 $ 17,895 $ 16,199 2014 FIESTA
3FADP4EJXEM227485 FC91952 $ 18,000 $ 16,299 2014 FIESTA
3FADP4BJ3EM169059 FC91866 $ 18,485 $ 16,599 2014 FIESTA
1FADP5AU9EL514128 FC91990 $ 25,995 $ 22,799 2014 CMAX-FMCC
1FADP5AU7EL512958 FC91996 $ 25,995 $ 22,799 2014 CMAX-FMCC
1FAHP2E85FG100612 FC92016 $ 33,810 $ 28,295 2015 TUARUS-FMCC
1FAHP2E86FG102269 FC92041 $ 34,405 $ 28,799 2015 TUARUS-FMCC
1FAHP2E82FG104262 FC92046 $ 34,405 $ 28,799 2015 TUARUS-FMCC
1FMCU9J95EUB80090 FT23362 $ 37,995 $ 33,999 2014 ESCAPE
2FMDK3JC6EBA17943 FT23406 $ 32,390 $ 25,999 2014 EDGE-FMCC
1FM5K7D85EGC58100 FT23625 $ 35,295 $ 32,899 2014 EXPLORER
1FM5K7D86EGC35781 FT23558 $ 38,780 $ 36,199 2014 EXPLORER
1FM5K7D85FGA08759 FT23626 $ 38,780 $ 36,199 2015 EXPLORER
1FM5K8F87FGA19717 FT23644 $ 50,065 $ 46,999 2015 EXPLORER
1FTMF1CM8EKD45177 FT23426 $ 25,640 $ 19,599 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM4EKD52417 FT23445 $ 26,390 $ 21,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM5EKD59876 FT23457 $ 27,300 $ 22,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM7EKD59877 FT23458 $ 27,300 $ 22,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM0EKE00625 FT23494 $ 27,300 $ 22,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF3EKE07950 FT23501 $ 33,895 $ 25,695 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF2EFC33605 FT23605 $ 34,185 $ 28,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF0EFC33604 FT23607 $ 34,185 $ 28,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF1EFC71908 FT23650 $ 34,185 $ 28,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF4EKE32291 FT23531 $ 34,345 $ 28,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF8EKE44265 FT23571 $ 34,345 $ 28,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF0EKE83321 FT23610 $ 34,635 $ 28,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTEX1CM2EFB17069 FT23609 $ 34,860 $ 27,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF2EKE07953 FT23512 $ 37,670 $ 31,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF0EKD91607 FT23498 $ 37,830 $ 31,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF5EKE83317 FT23622 $ 38,540 $ 31,599 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF3EKE83316 FT23643 $ 38,540 $ 31,599 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF4EKD06225 FT23341 $ 39,275 $ 31,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF1EKE07948 FT23519 $ 39,990 $ 32,995 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CFXEKE83314 FT23627 $ 40,280 $ 33,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CT0EKE83313 FT23618 $ 41,325 $ 34,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CT7EKD31772 FT23383 $ 41,585 $ 33,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1EF2EKE83319 FT23602 $ 43,705 $ 36,599 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EKD31775 FT23394 $ 43,745 $ 35,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET5EKE39157 FT23561 $ 45,300 $ 37,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EFC08406 FT23601 $ 45,300 $ 37,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ETXEKD39037 FT23419 $ 45,660 $ 37,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1ET0EFB46993 FT23500 $ 46,140 $ 39,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKE00627 FT23505 $ 51,865 $ 45,699 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKD10877 FT23361 $ 52,260 $ 45,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET3EKD14948 FT23372 $ 52,630 $ 45,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET4EKD59879 FT23468 $ 53,480 $ 46,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET7EKE39158 FT23559 $ 54,830 $ 48,695 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET5EFB30295 FT23537 $ 55,040 $ 48,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET0EFA93379 FT23544 $ 55,040 $ 48,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET2EFA84490 FT23443 $ 55,635 $ 48,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FT7W2B69FEA69680 FT23604 $ 44,505 $ 37,599 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT5FEA03052 FT23513 $ 64,350 $ 58,399 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT0FEA22642 FT23520 $ 65,070 $ 59,095 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BTXFEA33874 FT23538 $ 65,070 $ 59,095 2015 F250-FMCC
1FT8W3BT2FEA11443 FT23516 $ 65,200 $ 59,299 2015 F350-FMCC
1FT8W3BT2FEA57810 FT23597 $ 66,885 $ 60,895 2015 F350-FMCC
3LN6L2G93ER831657 LM81164 $ 35,085 $ 33,199 2014 MKZ-LOYALTY/COMPETATIVE
2LMHJ5AT0EBL53043 LM81160 $ 56,660 $ 52,595 2014 MKT
JM1BM1U72E1150221 MC32620 $ 20,290 $ 17,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1U7XEM100652 MC32662 $ 20,290 $ 17,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1U70EM117783 MC32707 $ 20,290 $ 17,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1111745 MC32600 $ 20,390 $ 18,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V79EM100480 MC32660 $ 20,390 $ 19,099 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1125473 MC32604 $ 20,490 $ 19,399 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1113422 MC32605 $ 20,490 $ 19,399 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U7XE1191566 MC32669 $ 20,490 $ 19,499 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1126028 MC32608 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1169526 MC32653 $ 20,590 $ 19,499 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1179425 MC32670 $ 20,590 $ 19,695 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V70E1179442 MC32684 $ 20,765 $ 19,799 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V75E1149370 MC32628 $ 21,440 $ 19,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V76E1150947 MC32635 $ 21,440 $ 19,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V73EM105285 MC32702 $ 21,440 $ 20,199 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V79E1158010 MC32631 $ 21,640 $ 20,299 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM100881 MC32661 $ 21,740 $ 20,399 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM104493 MC32663 $ 21,740 $ 20,399 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM107202 MC32668 $ 21,740 $ 20,499 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1180578 MC32672 $ 21,915 $ 20,699 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V77EM107508 MC32665 $ 22,240 $ 20,999 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V78EM110093 MC32700 $ 23,040 $ 21,699 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1W71E1200359 MC32703 $ 23,945 $ 22,699 2014 “3” SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
19XFB4F38EE000131 HO61635 $ 26,625 $ 24,199 2014 CIVIC HYBRID
1HGCT1B71EA006199 HO61443 $ 26,940 $ 24,299 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCT2A80EA007909 HO61736 $ 31,415 $ 28,599 2014 ACCORD COUPE
5J6TF2H58EL002280 HO61567 $ 35,970 $ 28,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5FPYK1F75EB008960 HO61719 $ 31,550 $ 30,199 2014 RIDGELINE
5FPYK1F71EB012021 HO61801 $ 31,550 $ 30,199 2014 RIDGELINE
5FPYK1F78EB014803 HO61902 $ 31,550 $ 30,199 2014 RIDGELINE
5FPYK1F62EB011712 HO61789 $ 38,335 $ 36,699 2014 RIDGELINE
5FNRL5H63EB118623 HO61820 $ 38,055 $ 35,499 2014 ODYSSEY
5FNRL5H6XEB117775 HO61799 $ 38,455 $ 35,799 2014 ODYSSEY
5FNRL5H91EB115665 HO61800 $ 45,280 $ 42,399 2014 ODYSSEY
5FNRL5H97EB123043 HO61847 $ 45,280 $ 42,399 2014 ODYSSEY
5NPDH4AE6EH487081 HY76637 $ 22,570 $ 17,695 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE0EU135552 HY76736 $ 22,585 $ 17,695 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE1EU172397 HY76747 $ 22,710 $ 17,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AH6EU101500 HY76615 $ 23,535 $ 19,299 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH3EU134194 HY76673 $ 23,565 $ 19,299 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AHXEU173526 HY76756 $ 23,670 $ 19,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AE0EU037833 HY76540 $ 25,320 $ 20,199 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE9EU106700 HY76704 $ 25,335 $ 20,199 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE8EU187222 HY76758 $ 25,640 $ 20,299 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPEC4AB9EH927948 HY76723 $ 29,685 $ 26,695 2014 SONATA-HMF
5NPE34AF2FH012721 HY76883 $ 27,490 $ 26,399 2015 SONATA-HMF
5NPE34AF9FH010917 HY76889 $ 27,490 $ 26,399 2015 SONATA-HMF
5NPE34AF2FH015568 HY76891 $ 27,490 $ 26,399 2015 SONATA-HMF
5NPE34AF9FH020007 HY76896 $ 27,685 $ 26,499 2015 SONATA-HMF
5NPE34AF7FH013251 HY76884 $ 30,990 $ 29,699 2015 SONATA-HMF
KMHEC4A4XEA112176 HY76742 $ 31,735 $ 25,499 2014 SONATA HYBRID -HMF
KMHFH4JG6EA388046 HY76806 $ 38,070 $ 35,399 2014 AZERA
KMHFH4JG1EA362616 HY76705 $ 38,155 $ 32,599 2014 AZERA
5XYZUDLA0EG152014 HY76493 $ 35,245 $ 32,999 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF
KM8SNDHF3EU070842 HY76888 $ 36,430 $ 34,599 2014 SANTA FE –HMF
KM8SRDHF2EU072859 HY76870 $ 41,605 $ 39,399 2014 SANTA FE –HMF