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2015-superWhen it comes to full-size pickups, the competition if fierce, and the engineers at Ford work hard to stay ahead of the other guys. When a car company builds trucks for heavy-duty customers, it’s important to provide the most strength and power on the market. That’s why the 2015 Ford Super Duty raises the stakes yet again. The optional 6.7-liter Power Stroke diesel motor churns out 440 horsepower and an earth-twisting 860 pound feet of torque, making it the most powerful heavy-duty truck on the market. With a properly equipped Powerstroke version, the F-series Super Duty boasts a maximum tow capacity of 31,200 pounds, a whopping 8,000 pounds more than the top truck from General Motors. In repeated testing up a seven percent grade with maximum loads, the Ford was able to maintain speed while diesel trucks from the completion struggled, like the Dodge that could only hold speed in the mid-40s with the accelerator on the floor. The Ford Super Duty has been hauling loads on the American road since 1999. Since that time, it has become a favorite of construction workers, ranchers, and people that need to haul loads for a living. If you want to experience the most powerful pickup available, visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Not only will you find the perfect Super Duty truck for you, you’ll also save thousands with Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing.


honda-oddyThe Honda Odyssey has received a lot of attention for establishing a high benchmark for the venerable minivan, and after a model refresh for 2014, one thing is certain – these guys know what they’re doing. Buyers can choose from seven different trim levels from the affordable LX model all the way up to the Touring Elite, that is stuffed with creature comforts, handy gadgets, and spiffy trim. All Odysseys now feature headlights with darkened trim, LED-lit taillights and a redesigned front end, hood and grille. The overall affect is low and wide, with a snazzy “lightning bolt” side window-line. But what makes an Odyssey so great is what’s inside. Easier-to-read gauges are prominently located in front of the operator, with a second, lower central display added. The interior is well designed with many thoughtful and pleasing touches throughout the cabin. The minivan is one of the very best to drive, with a strong, willing engine and a smooth, responsive suspension at the ready. With a 28 mpg-highway fuel rating, the Odyssey is also a crowd-pleaser at the pump. To find out what the best minivan feels like, all you need to do is visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Not only will you find a great selection of new Honda Odysseys, you’ll see exactly how much you can save with Autoplex-exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing. When you get the best deal on the best minivan, you have not only redefined the minivan – you’ve redefined satisfaction!

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soapyKeeping your car looking good is a constant battle with inconsiderate birds, constant desert dust storms, and sudden summer downpours. Road oil, bugs, mud – it all takes a toll on your vehicle’s appearance, and frequent visits to the local car wash are a rite of passage for those that care about their car. However, recent advances in paint technology might change all that, with cars that might actually wash themselves in the near future.

Engineers are developing so-called “nano-paint” finishes that can repel water and oil. The super-slippery surface is so dense at a molecular level that mud, rain and even dust falls right off the car’s surface, making it easy to keep the vehicle spotless. It’s been tested on a few real-world vehicles, and the developers are seeing positive progress.

Of course, if you’re still washing your car the “old-fashioned” way, here are a few tips from your friends at the Borman Autoplex: Use car-wash soap, not household products, to preserve protective wax on the car and to avoid leaving streaks. Washing in the shade gives you more time to towel the paint off, avoiding water spots. Remove tree sap, bugs and other sticky things from the car as soon as possible as it can actually damage paint permanently. Most importantly, use a soft natural sponge or wool mitt when scrubbing to keep scratches and swirls off your car’s finish.

Of course, if your paint is too far gone, the experts at the Borman Body Shop can inspect the damage and help you get your car looking good again. Whether taking care of your current car or shopping for a new one, the Borman Autoplex is the only dealer with exclusive “One-Price” no-hassle pricing, so you can be sure you’ll never – ahem – take a “bath” at the Autoplex!


2014-sonataEver since the introduction of the current Hyundai Sonata model in 2011, the company has raised a lot of eyebrows in the competitive family sedan segment. An amazingly competent and value-leading proposition, the Sonata has found its way into more than a few garages across the nation, and the company isn’t content to rest on the car’s laurels. To maintain momentum, the 2014 Sonata raises the bar higher than ever.

With standard features like Bluetooth connectivity, satellite radio, power windows and locks, air conditioning, heated mirrors and more, the Hyundai GLS is far from “standard”. And although you can load a Sonata up with all the bells and whistles in the Sonata Limited, the basic value of the car never changes. A quiet-riding sedan with plenty of interior room, the interior has a standard 4.3-inch touchscreen to interact with the vehicle’s entertainment system. A standard 2.4-liter four cylinder generates 190 horsepower, and returns up to 35 mpg on the highway.

The Sonata’s unbeatable blend of affordability, economy, comfortable ride and swoopy styling made it a family sedan to be reckoned with. At the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, you’ll find a great selection on new Hyundai Sonatas to choose from, all priced at exclusive “One-Price.” no-hassle savings. Raise your standards with the new standard in family sedans – the 2014 Hyundai Sonata.

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750-trade Trading in your current vehicle when buying your next one is a good idea – you avoid all the trouble and hassle of trying to sell it yourself, and you can apply the value to the price of the new purchase. However, only one dealer has an ADDITIONAL DEAL TRADE-IN DISCOUNT of $750 – The Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!

On top of the trade-in value of your car, the Autoplex offers an additional $750 discount on qualified trace-in vehicles. If your trade-in is a 2001 or newer model, you’ re qualified for an additional $750!

The Autoplex Used Select is always looking for quality, late-model trade-in vehicles, so the Autoplex makes trading in your car better than ever! No matter what brand you’ re shopping for – Ford, Lincoln, Mazda, Honda or Hyundai – the Autoplex will apply an additional $750 dealer discount with your qualified trade. That’ s in addition to the Autoplex exclusive “one price” no-hassle savings, showing you all available factory incentives and dealer discounts right up front, on every new vehicle in stock.

Ready to trade in your ride for a new one? The time’ s never been better at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces!


crv-2014Ever noticed how many Honda CR-Vs are out there on the road? There’ s a good reason – the CR-V has been the best-selling SUV for several years now, and there are plenty of good reasons for this success. The Honda CR-V blends practicality, fuel economy, reliability and low price that has yet to be matched by the competition.

The Honda CR-V is painless to own and operate. It’ s easy to drive and park, and the commodious back seat and ample doors make it a snap to stuff the inside with kids, groceries or anything else that needs to be relocated. The operating controls are smooth and intuitive, and easy to use. The Honda CR-V is available in three different trim levels, all the way up to the top-of-the-line EX-L version with swanky leather upholstery, automatic headlights, dual-zone automatic climate control and oodles more.

The Honda CR-V isn’ t just a safe buy – it’ s a safe ride, with a perfect five-star rating in overall, front and side crash protection from the government. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety gave it the best-possible rating of “Good” in nearly all of its tests.

So can you see yourself in a CR-V? It’ s not that hard to find out. Just visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces and take a test drive today. Not only will you experience the best-selling SUV in its class, but you’ ll find out how much you can save with Autoplex exclusive “one price” no hassle pricing. See you later!

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usa-highwaysIt’s hard to believe, but it was only 58 years ago last week that President Dwight Eisenhower signed a congressional bill that created the U.S. Interstate highway system. As a former military man, President Eisenhower had a personal interest in the project. As a young Army officer in 1919, he was part of an Army convoy from Washington to San Francisco that took 62 days to complete. During World War II, he saw how quickly the German army could move due to their autobahn.

At a cost of $129 billion, the initial plan created over 46 thousand miles of wide, multi-lane paved roads, making it the largest public-works project ever devised by humanity. Without the highway system, America would not be what it is today, with the world’s largest economy and most mobile cultures on the planet.

To experience the modern Interstate, all you have to do is visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces and take a new car or truck on a test drive. The dealership is located just a couple of miles from the closest Interstate on ramp, so check out the best vehicle on the best possible driving surface! Plus, at the Autoplex you get exclusive “one price” no-hassle savings, with all the discounts clearly marked on every car. Hit the Interstate in style with the Borman Autoplex!


2015-taurusThe Ford Taurus has been a standard-bearer for American sedans ever since its introduction as a 1986 model, and over the years, the venerable chariot has served in many roles. If you’re looking for a large, comfortable, efficient four-door sedan, the 2014 Ford Taurus in unmatched.

Available with three engines options, from the standard 3.5L V6 to the EcoBoost 2.0-liter engine pumping out 240 horsepower, and all the way to the top-shelf twin-turbo EcoBoost 3.5-liter V6 making 365 horsepower in the SHO model, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Taurus is available in front-wheel or all-wheel drive models, too. Outside the engine bay, the sheet metal is crisp and taut, a modern interpretation of the full-size sedan that is guaranteed to turn heads.

A new interior boasts a clean, stylish instrument panel, center stack and console. Soft-touch materials accentuate the rich materials on the graceful dash and seat fabrics. The large sedan is sweetly silent on the road, thanks to extensive use of sound deadeners and wind-cheating aerodynamics.

Looking for a car large enough to be comfortable in and yet compact enough to navigate today’s miniscule parking spaces and city streets? Look no further than the multi-purpose 2014 Ford Taurus, available today at the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces. Best of all, you’ll pay the lowest possible price with Autoplex-exclusive “one price” no-hassle pricing, giving you all the discounts and rebates right up front! You’ve waited long enough – it’s time to take your turn at a new Ford Taurus!

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238 years ago, a bunch of very bright, very brave men assembled in Philadelphia and put their signatures to a document that declared independence from Great Britain, forming the United States of America. Standing up for freedom was more important to these men than the threat of persecution and charges of treason that they could face from the British king. A new kind of government was created that day, based on the belief that a government by the people would be a government for the people.

No matter what your plans are this July 4, the men and women of the Borman Autoplex encourage you to enjoy your life, liberty and the never-ending pursuit of happiness that our fore-fathers wanted you to have. No matter what our politics are, our beliefs, or our philosophies, there is one thing we as Americans enjoy more than anything else: letting freedom ring. Have a happy – and safe- Independence Day!



In a recent comparison test between the 2014 Mazda 3 and the 2015 Volkswagen Golf, the editors of found the newly designed Mazda irresistible. Although the Volkswagen is all-new and bigger than ever for 2015, it wasn’t enough to beat the Mazda 3, which was freshly redesigned last year.

The testers found that the Mazda 3’s automatic transmission helped the car leave the line smoothly, with an even application of power that the competition couldn’t match. The Mazda was by far the most fun car to drive, with testers enjoying their time behind the wheel with sharp, communicative steering and flat cornering. The Mazda’s interior was also noted as being more contemporary with organic shapes and a well-designed dash layout. Best of all, noted that the Mazda 3 delivered over 41 mpg in real-world testing, while the Volkswagen returned only 32 mpg on the same loop.

The Mazda 3 emerged as “the undeniable overall victor against the 2015 Volkswagen Golf,” and at a lower price to boot. Want to experience the Mazda 3 for yourself? Visit the Borman Autoplex of Las Cruces, and take advantage of the dealership’s exclusive “one price” no-hassle pricing philosophy. You’ll save money on the best hatchback, and that’s always a winning combination.

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VIN Stock# MSRP 1 Price Model
3FADP4BJ3EM169059 FC91866 $ 18,485 $ 16,599 2014 FIESTA
1FADP3F25EL247324 FC91879 $ 23,205 $ 19,095 2014 FOCUS
1ZVBP8AM2E5291614 FC91900 $ 25,825 $ 22,295 2014 MUSTANG
1ZVBP8CF4E5299339 FC91918 $ 39,570 $ 33,595 2014 MUSTANG GT
3FA6P0H72ER316133 FC91926 $ 25,860 $ 21,999 2014 FUSION-FMCC
3FA6P0HD9ER298669 FC91909 $ 29,125 $ 25,295 2014 FUSION-FMCC
3FA6P0K97ER316137 FC91933 $ 35,450 $ 31,299 2014 FUSION-FMCC
1FMCU0GX6EUD17331 FT23507 $ 26,350 $ 23,199 2014 ESCAPE
1FMCU0G93EUB72332 FT23358 $ 27,640 $ 24,299 2014 ESCAPE
1FMCU9GX8EUC84966 FT23487 $ 27,705 $ 24,595 2014 ESCAPE
1FMCU9J95EUB80090 FT23362 $ 37,995 $ 34,095 2014 ESCAPE
2FMDK3GC9EBA33836 FT23446 $ 28,995 $ 24,995 2014 EDGE-FMCC
2FMDK3JC6EBA17943 FT23406 $ 32,390 $ 27,799 2014 EDGE-FMCC
1FM5K8F85EGB78749 FT23504 $ 49,070 $ 45,999 2014 EXPLORER
1FTMF1CM8EKD45177 FT23426 $ 25,640 $ 19,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM2EKD52416 FT23435 $ 25,640 $ 19,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM5EKD59876 FT23457 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM7EKD59877 FT23458 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1CM0EKE00625 FT23494 $ 27,300 $ 23,799 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF3EKE07950 FT23501 $ 33,895 $ 25,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1CF6EKE22149 FT23510 $ 33,895 $ 25,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF9EKE07951 FT23511 $ 37,670 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF2EKE07953 FT23512 $ 37,670 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFX1EF0EKD91607 FT23498 $ 37,830 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF2EKD06224 FT23337 $ 39,275 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF4EKD06225 FT23341 $ 39,275 $ 31,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF8EKD06227 FT23356 $ 40,540 $ 33,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CF8EKD10875 FT23371 $ 40,540 $ 33,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1CT7EKD31772 FT23383 $ 41,585 $ 34,195 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1EFXEKD31773 FT23399 $ 42,700 $ 35,299 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1EF5EKD39036 FT23414 $ 42,700 $ 35,795 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EKD31775 FT23394 $ 43,745 $ 36,295 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1EF3EKD91605 FT23479 $ 43,965 $ 37,099 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET1EKE22145 FT23508 $ 44,460 $ 37,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET2EKD67558 FT23474 $ 44,470 $ 37,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET3EFA44869 FT23376 $ 45,060 $ 37,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET6EKD59883 FT23461 $ 45,310 $ 38,295 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ETXEKD39037 FT23419 $ 45,660 $ 38,595 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET1EKD74677 FT23456 $ 46,005 $ 38,899 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTMF1ET0EFB46993 FT23500 $ 46,140 $ 40,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKD91606 FT23497 $ 49,680 $ 44,399 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKE00627 FT23505 $ 51,865 $ 46,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET8EKD10877 FT23361 $ 52,260 $ 45,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET3EKD14948 FT23372 $ 52,630 $ 46,499 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET4EKD59879 FT23468 $ 53,480 $ 47,999 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FTFW1ET2EFA84490 FT23443 $ 55,635 $ 50,199 2014 F150-FMCC-FORD TRADE
1FT7W2BT0EEA66641 FT23270 $ 63,525 $ 52,525 2014 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT4EEB34861 FT23424 $ 63,245 $ 55,799 2014 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT9EEA66640 FT23236 $ 64,835 $ 56,799 2014 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT5EEA72936 FT23267 $ 65,430 $ 57,299 2014 F250-FMCC
1FT7W2BT5FEA03052 FT23513 $ 64,350 $ 59,899 2015 F250-FMCC
2LMHJ5AT0EBL53043 LM81160 $ 56,660 $ 53,195 2014 MKT
JM1BM1U78E1143130 MC32613 $ 19,540 $ 17,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U72E1150221 MC32620 $ 20,290 $ 19,695 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1173846 MC32650 $ 20,290 $ 19,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1U7XEM100652 MC32662 $ 20,290 $ 19,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1111745 MC32600 $ 20,390 $ 19,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V79EM100480 MC32660 $ 20,390 $ 19,999 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1125473 MC32604 $ 20,490 $ 19,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U73E1113422 MC32605 $ 20,490 $ 19,899 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U7XE1191566 MC32669 $ 20,490 $ 19,999 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1126028 MC32608 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1169526 MC32653 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1U79E1179425 MC32670 $ 20,590 $ 20,099 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V75E1149370 MC32628 $ 21,440 $ 20,799 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V76E1150947 MC32635 $ 21,440 $ 20,999 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V79E1158010 MC32631 $ 21,640 $ 21,199 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM100881 MC32661 $ 21,740 $ 21,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM104493 MC32663 $ 21,740 $ 21,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V75EM107202 MC32668 $ 21,740 $ 21,299 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1BM1V78E1180578 MC32672 $ 21,915 $ 21,395 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
3MZBM1V77EM107508 MC32665 $ 22,240 $ 21,699 2014 “3″ SEDAN “SKY-ACTIVE”
JM1GJ1W60F1175560 MC32675 $ 31,115 $ 29,699 2015 “6″
19XFB4F38EE000131 HO61635 $ 26,625 $ 24,999 2014 CIVIC HYBRID
1HGCT1B34EA010664 HO61665 $ 25,265 $ 23,199 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCT1B71EA006199 HO61443 $ 26,940 $ 24,795 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCT1B73EA007290 HO61481 $ 26,940 $ 24,795 2014 ACCORD COUPE
1HGCR2F8XEA164905 HO61569 $ 29,060 $ 26,799 2014 ACCORD SEDAN
1HGCR2F85EA187346 HO61650 $ 29,060 $ 26,799 2014 ACCORD SEDAN
1HGCR3F84EA028744 HO61649 $ 31,135 $ 28,799 2014 ACCORD SEDAN
5J6TF1H35EL000186 HO61354 $ 31,870 $ 24,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF3H57EL000977 HO61669 $ 33,995 $ 29,595 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF1H56EL001591 HO61632 $ 34,520 $ 29,999 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF2H55EL001457 HO61438 $ 35,970 $ 31,499 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6TF2H58EL002280 HO61567 $ 35,970 $ 31,499 2014 CROSSTOUR
5J6RM4H54EL040259 HO61398 $ 27,125 $ 25,595 2014 CRV
2HKRM3H70EH523463 HO61499 $ 28,525 $ 27,199 2014 CRV
5J6RM3H77EL033091 HO61668 $ 28,525 $ 27,199 2014 CRV
5J6RM3H71EL028131 HO61586 $ 29,225 $ 27,895 2014 CRV
2HKRM4H71EH641124 HO61453 $ 29,775 $ 28,399 2014 CRV
2HKRM4H71EH660109 HO61626 $ 29,775 $ 28,399 2014 CRV
5NPDH4AE3EH472411 HY76573 $ 20,255 $ 16,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AE1EH475405 HY76621 $ 20,255 $ 16,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AE1EH514106 HY76698 $ 20,295 $ 16,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AE5EH518823 HY76717 $ 20,295 $ 16,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE4EU059236 HY76505 $ 20,370 $ 18,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE7EU086950 HY76553 $ 20,370 $ 18,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU046091 HY76477 $ 22,570 $ 20,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU048908 HY76478 $ 22,570 $ 20,499 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE5EU090219 HY76578 $ 22,650 $ 20,699 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AE9EH517125 HY76714 $ 22,745 $ 20,799 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AH6EU101500 HY76615 $ 23,535 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH8EU135258 HY76674 $ 23,535 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH3EU134194 HY76673 $ 23,565 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AH9EU133387 HY76676 $ 23,590 $ 21,599 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN SPORT–HMF
KMHDH4AE0EU037833 HY76540 $ 25,320 $ 23,295 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
5NPDH4AEXEH475984 HY76597 $ 25,320 $ 23,295 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE9EU106700 HY76704 $ 25,335 $ 23,295 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHDH4AE4EU101291 HY76619 $ 25,405 $ 23,399 2014 ELANTRA SEDAN–HMF
KMHD35LH0EU174038 HY76631 $ 26,525 $ 24,499 2014 ELANTRA GT–HMF
5NPEC4AB3EH924303 HY76697 $ 29,535 $ 26,699 2014 SONATA-HMF
5NPEC4AC8EH918330 HY76695 $ 31,385 $ 28,495 2014 SONATA-HMF
KMHEC4A48EA110118 HY76707 $ 26,935 $ 24,299 2014 SONATA HYBRID -HMF
KMHFG4JG4EA348423 HY76587 $ 32,045 $ 30,695 2014 AZERA
KMHFH4JG1EA362616 HY76705 $ 38,155 $ 35,999 2014 AZERA
5XYZU3LA6EG181690 HY76716 $ 33,750 $ 29,599 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF
5XYZUDLA0EG152014 HY76493 $ 35,245 $ 32,999 2014 SANTA FE SPORT–HMF